Your First Step in Home Design

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Your First Step in Home Design

Residential Drafting Services, Inc. is a fully custom, house plan designer and drafting company primarily involved in new residential construction in the Midwest markets. Start from a sketch, or start from a meeting with nothing more than ideas, we’ll get the house plan going.

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From Concept to Completion

From concept to completion, RDS has handle over a thousand of plans and additions. Each builder, homeowner or client will have particular requirements, design tastes and uniqueness. Ideas are built from the beginning and the budget is kept in mind. RDS prides itself on providing realistic design with a quality construction plan to work from.

Home Renderings

See your home come to life in a professional artist rendering by Residential Drafting Services. We take your plans and work with you to create the ultimate vision of what your finished home will look like, complete with landscaping and outdoor imagery. Custom colorized to your specifications, view your home the way it’s meant to be!

Charles Gebbie, his wife Kimberly, and kids Kayla and Brady

About Us

Residential Drafting Services, Inc. was created in 1997 to fill a void in the custom home plan market in Lincoln, Nebraska. Known for a consistently beating deadlines via a strong business ethic for accurate and detailed work, RDS has completed over a thousand projects and continues to deliver outstanding results leveraging both new and traditional trends.

Owner, Charles Gebbie started designing and drafting his own house plans for his private home building company. When demand exploded for custom and innovative home design, Charles went to the local home building community and soon had connected with more than 25 builders who were experiencing the same demand for custom homes.

Being a Builder himself for over 10 years has provided Charles invaluable experience from the construction side. Innovative floor plans and a superb home builder experience were Charles’ driving forces to start a drafting company.

Charles uses the latest AutoCAD software for plan design, SketchUP Pro for models, and Vray for renderings. PDF’s, Photoshop and other technologies are also used when needed. Paper or digital, you’ll have copies of both.
‘ll have copies of both.

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12145 West Dakota Springs Drive  |  Roca, Nebraska 68430  |  |  402-730-0791

12145 West Dakota Springs Drive
Roca, Nebraska 68430